The Iditarod is Coming!

February 28, 2007

IditarodThe Great Race is almost here. The Iditarod will start on Saturday, March 3. The mushers and their dogs will start in Anchorage, Alaska and travel 1131 miles to Nome, Alaska. The race will take anywhere from 10 to 17 days. The conditions are harsh: jagged mountain ranges, temperatures far below zero, blasting winds, desolate tundra, and utter darkness. It is the true race of man and animal against the wild nature. There are two mushers from the state of Washington: Perry Solmonson from Plain, WA and Scott White from Snohomish, WA. Good luck to all of the mushers and their faithful and hardworking dog teams!


Cats Need Love Too

February 28, 2007

Smiling Cat Okay, so it seems like cats get the short end of the stick sometimes. Dogs get everything- their own off leash parks, dog shows, clothes, carriers and so on. Well, this one is just for all of your cats and your parents. Cats need their own place too, and Cats Only Petsitting in North Seattle only focuses on cats (so dogs, stay away from there or you may be hit with a hairball) and their boarding and day care. Finally, a place that cats can call their own and don’t have to share the spotlight with those loud, barky, and drooling species.

Seattle Weekly to Launch New Pets Pages

February 28, 2007

Seattle Weekly Pullout Dining Guide 2006Seattle Weekly will begin running a section promoting pet adoption from Ginger’s Pet Rescue and PAWS starting with the March 15th issue. If you’re a pet business, you can buy ad space surrounding the adoption notices starting at $99. The section will run for about 6 and a half months.

According to the paper:

The goal behind creating the section was to find a way to help non-profit pet rescues have a presence in our publication as well as to share with our readers some of the pet friendly and pet related businesses in their area. Over 159,100 of our readers own dogs and 179,900 of our readers own cats and this is a great way to get your message out to our readers and to help a great cause!

If you’re interested in advertising, contact Aaron Alhadeff at (206) 467-4368.

Follow Up To The Dogs In Bars Story

February 28, 2007

Dog Cafe So, here’s an update to the story about Senator Jacobsen trying to pass a bill that would allow dogs in bars or restaurants with a liquor license in the state of Washington. Health officials testified against the bill saying that dogs in eating establishments could spread disease-causing bacteria. Senator Jacobsen re-proposed the bill to instead allow leashed dogs to sit in outdoor sitting areas of restaurants, bars or cafes for a three year trial period. Each specific city would also have to approve the ordinance. Apparently, health officials still oppose dogs being in the outside area because “dogs have hair, bodily excrements and things that aren’t good with food”. Wow… what complicated and scientific terminology. Good one genius. I’m confused because I already see dogs in outdoor seating areas outside of restaurants and I myself take my dog to outside seating areas. Does this bill seem pointless? I haven’t seen anyone kick out a dog or his owner because he was sitting outside. Once again, government at its best. When I eat dinner, my dog is right there next to me with his hair, bodily excrements and other things that aren’t good with food, and I’m still alive and healthy and haven’t had any disease-causing bacteria attack me yet.

Do I Really Need To Wear Flippers?

February 28, 2007

Scuba Dog
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It’s Tough Living in SeaTac

February 27, 2007

Ostrich on the lam in SFLiving near an airport has to be tough. The constant noise, the fumes, the traffic, the escaped ostriches… yes. Ostriches. King County sheriff’s deputies and animal control officers were called to catch 2 ostriches that were running around SeaTac on Sunday after some dogs broke through a fence and killed one of the grounded birds. After a two-hour police chase, the birds finally got tired and turned themselves in. I swear, I don’t make this stuff up. The alleged killers are still on the lam. The picture is from another ostrich police chase in San Fran.

Hanging Out At The Beach

February 27, 2007

Westie on Beach My dog loves the beach. He loves digging and romping around in the sand. He doesn’t quite love swimming though. He will only go in the water to retrieve his tennis ball and swim as fast as he can to get out and then only stand in the water up to his paws. Whenever we have to go, he looks longingly at the beach like it is his second home. Well, where can us Washington residents go and take our dog out for a walk on the beach? If you are in Seattle, dogs are not allowed near the water on any public property in Seattle, and if you are caught, you may be handed a $500 ticket. The one beach in Seattle that does allow dogs is Magnuson Dog Park. Outside of Seattle, there is the Edmonds marina, Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island and Marymoor Park in Redmond. Here’s to good times at the beach!